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How do I register to the Buyers programme? 
The first step is to fill out the application form in our Buyers page [+]

How do I qualify as a Buyer? 
All applicants should meet our strict qualifying criteria. To join as a buyer, you must be:

  • An organiser or planner of meetings and sports tourism in an agency, association or a corporate buyer. 
  • Responsible for planning, organising, recommending or making financial decisions.

What’s included for in the Buyers programme?

  • 26 pre-arranged 1-2-1 appointments with top suppliers
  • 3 days, 2 nights stay at 4-star Hotel Primus, Valencia
  • Return flights (cost coverage up to €300) and airport transfers
  • Welcome cocktail and meals at unique venues
  • Unique experiences and visits prepared by local experts
  • Contact details and descriptions of all participating suppliers

When will I know if I have been accepted in the  Buyers programme? 
You will receive an email from the Organiser confirming your acceptance. If your application is not approved, you will also be informed.

Is there a cancelation fee if I need to cancel my registrations? 
If you need to cancel your participation at the show, you must inform the Organiser in writing. The cancelation will not be effective until you have received a written acknowledgement from the Organiser.

Applicants to the Buyers programme can cancel their participation at no cost until their flight tickets are issued. After this, the flight costs and a management fee of €100 will be charged to the buyer’s credit card.

The Organiser will require the details of your credit card upon acceptance of your application for use in case of any extra charges or cancelation charges incurred and any obligations not fulfilled by the buyer.


What are the commitments as a Buyer?
All buyers are commited to be present in all the activities included in the workshop’s programme and to attend all the pre-arranged appointments. All buyers have to attend a minimum of 26 1-2-1 appointments over the 2 days of the workshop. 

Why do I need to stay at the show for the full day if I have attended my required one-to-one appointments?
Networking is a key essence of the Sports and Events Workshop. A lot of efforts are put in to facilitate the interactions between buyers and suppliers in dynamic environments. We understand the power of serendipity and networks, forging strong relationships to do business, make new contacts and get ideas and inspiration.  


Can I change hotel?
All buyers will be accommodated in the hotel where the Workshop takes place to ensure logistics and transportation ease.

Are meals provided?
All meals during the days of the Workshop are organised and covered by the organiser. Should you have dietary requirements please inform us when filling up the registration form. All extra meals and drinks consumed outside the programme will not be covered.

Can I extend my stay in the hotel?
Yes. The additional nights will be at your own expense and subject to availability. Please inform the Organiser before your flights confirmation.


Can I change the flights that Sports & Events Workshop booked for me? 
This depends on flights availability. However, once the flight tickets are issued, all charges incurred from the change will be charged to the buyer. 

How can I change my travel arrangements? 
Please get in touch with our team and we will try our best to accommodate the change.

Is on-ground transfer organised? 
Return airport transfers to/from hotel and to venues for activities and meals will be covered.

How far is it from Valencia Airport to the hotel? 
alencia Airport to hotel in Valencia is approx. 8,8 km / 12 minutes by car.

What is the maximum refund for my flights or travel costs refund, if I am travelling by car or train? 
The maximum refund is €300 EUR including all taxes.

Can I leave Sports & Events Workshop earlier if I book my own travel? 
No. As a buyer, your commitment include your participation in the entire duration of the Workshop. 


What is a pre-scheduled appointment and how are my appointments made? 
A pre-scheduled appointment is a 15-minute one to one appointment between a buyer and a supplier arranged before the dates of the Workshop. These appointments will be held over the two days of the Workshop.

Upon acceptance in the buyers programme, each buyer must select a minimum of 26 suppliers whom they would like to meet. Participating suppliers will also be doing their selection. When a match is found, the confirmed appointment will be shown in your appointment diary available in our app which you can download in your smartphone.

Where can I find information about my appointments?
Access codes and instructions will be send to you at the email that you used for registration in the buyers programme. 

Can I select my pre-scheduled appointments in advance? 
Yes. Detailed instructions will be sent to you by e-mail.

Is there a mobile app available and can I see my appointments? 
Yes. The Sports and Events Workshop will have an app available where you can access all information and your appointments. 

How do I view / print my diary of appointments?
Detailed instructions will be send to you via e-mail.


Where can I find the diary to make my appointments?
The appointments can be made 4 weeks prior to the event where we will open the 1-2-1 appointments system. 

Can I see a full list of Suppliers so I can decide who to make my appointments with?
5 weeks prior to the Workshop, the app will be available and you can view the complete list of participating suppliers. 


What is the dress code? 
The dress code is business casual.

When will I get my badge?
You will receive your badge at registration desk at the Welcome reception of the hotel or registration desk at Sports & Events workshop entrance. All participants must wear their badges at all times to gain unrestricted access to the Workshop.

Are there shuttle buses from the/to airport? 
Yes, airport transfers are provided to/from the hotel where you will stay. 

Are there shuttle buses from my hotel to the evening functions and back? 
Yes, transportation will be provided for the organised activities and meals. 

We look forward to having you with us at the Sports and Events Workshop!

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